Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lost and frustrated - things aren't that bad!

I just had an idea what to write about and it just vanished from my mind. What a surprise.

I should be sleeping by now. Some people are even waking up and I haven't even laid in the bed to sleep. How do I expect changes, when I am the first one pissing in any possibility of making them? It doesn't matters much by now - Sunday morning.

I was on Tumblr a while ago. I look at certain Tumblrs - people share beautiful imagery of scenery, beautiful quotes, sad quotes, feelings of all kinds. Some share nearly explicit erotic photographies and then, on a second account, they make somewhat of a photohraphic diary of their lives. I suppose the same happens in any of their social utilities. It doesn't really matters.
I feel somewhat of lost. Frustrated at the feeling of not being capable of setting myself free of doubts of all kinds, of doing whatever I have to do, of doing whatever I feel like doing. I feel frustrated at what I see around, at what I feel like being capable of doiny and getting myself in somewhat of trap. It'll be OK. Everything is going to be Ok.

I am a mix between light and darkness. Joy and sadness. Erotic and behaved.
I am getting to a point where I could be extremely comfortable, if it wasn't for such doubts.
I need to move on.

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