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I am taking some looks back. I saw one commercial in the bus stop and it made me think about the past. And the happy past tends to make me think a little bit too much. And the happy past makes me wish to disappear. "You sweared that you would be friends forever. Remember that!" was the phrase that was in that commercial. I remember about those who haven't made that promise, but that, at the time we used to be together, it seemed like if we were staying together forever.
And it hasn't been forever... and things are a bit way too different.

The Inked Boys

This is the kind of entries that I write with the purpose to advertise for a page. This page doesn't needs any advertisement: open it up and you will see why! :) I am sharing these images: I have previously written an entry to do this kind of advertisement, but I have seen some newer specimen of men in it and I think it needs to be shared somewhere else! :) I hope you enjoy the males I have choosen to share! Courtesy of The Inked Boys!

I've seen you!!!

I have seen you. I have seen you in your car. And you've seen me too.
I've seen you and I've hurried my steps. There are feelings involved. Of course that are, but I fear. I fear you. I fear your power over me. I fear all the thingsd that can come out of all this madness.
I want to let go of all this madness, but there's no place to escape to. I want to let go of all this fearing poison, but there's no place to run from you. And in the end, I want to die in your arms, by your hands... over your naked body...
I've seen you... and I am anxious about the day I'll see you again...

Things could be much better

I look around. I look at people in my life. I take a glimpse at my own life and then I decide to close my eyes, once again. My life is screwed up on so many levels, that I tend to close my eyes to it. I don't want to look anymore. And people... Oh!, some of them are seing their life getting messed up too. Not because of me, but some are counting with me... for good advises and comforting words. But there aren't comforting words when the situations have been created out of stupidity and irresponsability. Such as when it has been with me.
Saturday in the afternoon. I do want to think that I'll have a great day tomorrow. Supposedly, I am going to the beach and spend a whole day and night out. There are going to be good friends there. There is going to be a long day in the sun, embraced by nature. But still my relationship with my mother isn't the best. I know I will have another very strong argument beggining between us. And it is all due to my own stupidity. Where are t…