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In a hurry / familiar faces and conversations through the night

I do not have much time tonight. I need to put these words down in a hurry.
It matters to say that my blog keeps reminding me of how urgent it is to edit. How urgent it is to re-write certain texts, to delete a few others. Time doesn't stop. Time doesn't slows down.
I saw familiar faces. Tonight, a small group of very different people sat at a park, during the night, and the conversation went from alien life, genetically modified food, to the Nazis, anarchy and lots of other stuffs. Inside of me, there's something waking up. And now, I simply need to lay down and try to sleep.

Chris Spheeris "Rain (Eros)"

Music from the soul. A name that I have rediscovered while editing the old entries of this blog. Enjoy. And feel.


Good morning. Bedtime.
Seing some of my blog entries, I came to realize that some of the images that I have deleted from the albums, are disappearing from the entries. No wonder. But I am working on getting it edited. With time, I may repeat musics. With time, I may repeat images. But it's all about the words - without words, this blog would be naked. And this is the purpose of my blog: to ramble about my thoughts, about my inspiration, the source of such inspiration, about my feelings, about my desires, about love and hate, life and death. I wonder. I wonder what's the end of all this. I do wonder what does the end means (in that "Book of Spirits" that I have read, doesn't the man says that Death isn't the end? Egyptians were pzrtially right, we're here preparing our departure for the after-death. Or for the beginning of real life). Even on that game that I was playing, "Death isn't the end". I wonder what does the end means and when will i…