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The rest of the night is spent with my thoughts - good morning!

I am spending the rest of my night smoking my cigarettes, listening to music and wondering. Oh how I wonder. I wonder about what is yet to come. I wonder about what will all this bring me. I wonder what might be different this time, eventhough you're still acting like a caring young guy, like someone who'd care for someone else of you like. Do you really like me, the way you said you did?  I wonder.
The night goes by and it's not too fast. The night goes by and I have some time to think about that meeting - the house had a very intense smell to piss of cat and you kept on mentioning my choices, on putting unsaid / umwritten words in my mouth / under my fingers. For someone who speaks a lot about keeping up with an open-mind, you're the one who felt angered at the difference of opinions and for someone under the circumstance of speaking about aiding others and living in peace, you're the one to threaten me the same exact way you are saying that you're attacking…