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Nothing really matters

I look around and it doesn't seems to really matters. It doesn't matters where you are from and what you have been through. Some people will always annoy you, under certain circumstances and be the best mates on the others. And you burn. And it all burns. In the end, you'll still be alone.
I take glimpses at them. Some disgust me. Others annoy me. Then, one of the most annoying, becomes the most desired. Isn't it weird? Does it makes any sense to you, dear reader? If it doesn't, even better. No one really needs to know and I just need to spit my thoughts. 
I am alone in the night. I've been with so many different people tonight. I've been to so many different backgrounds in the last weeks and it still pleases me. I feel annoyed by my own wrong options, then again, I need to get back. It doesn't really matters in the end.
Good night!

According to myself

No one gives a damn.
No one knows either.
I feel the night passing by the music that I listen to, I feel the melancholy burning in my soul. One cigarette after the other. One thought, another one and even a third one. They race like maddened horses.
No one gives a damn.
No one even knows.
They see through me and some have even chosen to try it out. It wasn't in that night, but I an aware it'll happen. I am OK with that - the desire of one is the desire of another one. It harms me not. It kills me not.
They see through me. They don't see in me. They don't realize how deep my soul goes, they don't feel the madness in my heart, the sadness in my life.
People aren't aware.
I am not reflecting everything in me anymore.
I don't hide. I don't open the game up.
I live according to what I am, to what I feel. And it's something. It is a big something.