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Sexy, sexy, sexy

Although I have decided to stop with my sexual life for a while now, I am not stupid and I am not blind! Especially when it comes to sexy pieces of meat inside uniforms, such as the sexy voiced cop from a while ago in the supermarket. Or any of his work mates who are there and that, from times to times, leave me uncomfortable with their staring. Perhaps they know me from other times, from other kind of "life"; I do say/type this quite a lot, but I know that's a chance.

Another sexy thing, is the dude on my left side, at this moment. He wears somekind of business suit, he has a cute face, sexy lips. Straight, or I believe so, but he wouldn't be anything else but an eyecandy, even if he were gay. At the moment, getting foccused on so many things, that perhaps including a sexual life woulod make me go nuts!

*there's a very old lady dressed in a black t-shirt and a black skirt, her hair is all messed up as if she were just in a fight*


I keep getting proposals. Sexual propossals, I should say, butn I think that everyone who follows or reads my blogs, even if it's from times to times only, would understand that!

Yesterday, wrote abou the old chat I used to go at and the other website, where you can see pictures! I have seen the pictures of some men, there, got a message from a dude, who has read my profile (I mentioned the hash, the drinking, that having fun and not being good at all) and he wrote: "Wow, I enjoyed your profile and I got to say that I love to fuck when I am high!" Way different from the dude who texts me and who I text, that keeps asking me to have a "session" with me, but he keeps criticizing me from smoking whether cigarettes or hash!

This another dude, after my refusal, he said that I could meet him and his friends! Some people can pay the beers (I don't drink beer), others will rool the hash joints (I can roll, but have no hash and sometimes no cigarettes), so I simply …

The Old Websites

As a younger boy, who was constantly feeling lonely, I used to look on chats the company I couldn't find in my real life! Amazingly, I also find out I could play the "hard-to-get-silly-game" with anyone without exception, as no one knew how I was. I also find out it was almost like playing Role Playing Games, where you are whoever you want, with no restriction! I did opened a web-site with a chat, where you could turn your webcam on and play dirty games for other men to see and wank at the same time, if it pleased them. The lack of time, made me decide to shut the window, but here I am, writing about it.

There's another website, one where you can see dudes' pictures, read their profiles (if you're careful enough to do so, as most of them complain no one reads what they write and I am one of those who complains) and then you can send one message, though you have now a restrict number of messages per week. I have seen several pictures which pleased me. I have r…

Watching porn...

...and this is NOT me this time!

It's incredile how I try to hide that I am watching porn and it is not the first time I get black dudes here watching porn. Boobs, pussies, loads of cum and so on.

My porn involves men on men! No women involved, although I try bisexual videos from times to times, but I lose my apetite for that real fast!

They're watching porn. The dude in the computer #1; possibly all the dudes in all the computers (except me and the lady in the last computer; or is she?). This dude by my left, with an old look, was googling naked women days ago. It's obvious to the eyes, when you get up the chair and your vision reaches all the other computers' screens!

The dude by my right just requested a bit more of time in his computer. He's barely laid in the chair, the hands in his bulge and from times to times, he rubs it. Hard not to notice, having him this close. This is why I would love to open a cyber store/café, with private cabins form people to do wha…



This name sounds familiar!


Where, in my life, have I ever met anyone with such a name?


Ah! I know now! A girl, friend of mine, from my childhood! She was the older of my friends, when I was a kid! This girl, the one that went away, when her sister-in-law, left her brother with three kids, with a simple note in the TV's screen!


That one friend that me and Rita always talk about, when we're high and our minds turn, simultaneously, to the past! That friend of ours, that used to spend hours in the street with us. The girl who used to lie to her father, telling him she was dropping the trash in the bin and then she stayed at night with me in the street. Alice, with her three, sometimes, with all of her four nephews, two girls and two boys, hanging with us, playing volleyball with us.


Why did she came in my mind, minutes ago, when I was walking here? Why did her name came up, as such a need to write something down here?


Will we ever meet aga…


...on deleting my blogs! On deleting Twitter! On deleting Facebook!

Some of my entries and some of my tweets and some of my facebook status unplease me quite a lot! My words sound way too stupid, when I read them again! Are they worthwhile, anyway? Do they worth a cent? Do they even worth a shit?

I continue having doubts! I thought, by the others' saying, that once I was out of teenaging, things would get better! But once doubts hit me, they hit hard and lasting!

I wish anyone could give me a concrete answer, that wouldn't make me wonder even more! I wish I could simply do and don't regret my actions!

Pondering... But most possibly I will simply correct any mistakes and delete only some entries! Only some entries... Delete... Correct...


It's raining outside! Oh God, it's raining! I open my arms, close my eyes and lift my head to the sky. I leave it falling down my face, wetting it, wetting my clothes and, as a consequence, wetting my body. In the news, they spoke about the drought: it burnt the crops, it didn't allowed the grass which feed the cattle to grow.

It's raining! Perhaps the sky has felt the melancholy, perhaps Heaven (does it exists?) has felt how sad I am lately and decided to weep with me!

It's raining... Oh God, it's raining! I keep my eyes closed, my head turned to the sky, my arms wide open, as if I was trying to hug the rain and the wind! I leave the tears roll down my face!

"why are you so sad? Why are you crying?" someone asks.
Who's asking? I don't see anyone around me!
"Why are you so sad?" the voice repeats.
"I feel alone. And it's not a physical loneliness, it's some kind of loneliness that you only feel within. I feel like burst…

The Kitten

So this is the kitten I mentioned about two months ago, in a post. I am not sure if I have mentioned her in this blog or in the other one, but this is my baby, the one cat who keeps biting and scratching, that I have feeded with the baby cat's bottle, as she was way too young to eat (she didn't had any teeth, when she came home and barely could meow). I am way happy to have such preciosity in home, I enjoy when she hiddes and then attacks my legs. It doesn't matters when I am ignoring her, she keeps running after me, jumping to grab my legs, runs after me. The cat follows me around the house, when I am going to the toilet. She lays with my mum, while I am in the café, but when I arrive home, she simply leaves my mum behind and runs to me!
She's the new tenant in the house, that has been mentioned here or in the other one, at, the reason of my better mood in the late two months, the reason for me to run around the house. The reason th…


Somtimes I do think that I would love to be living somewhere else in the world. Sometimes I repeat to myself that anywhere but in this wicked city, with these wicked people. Then I stop... I take a deep breath... and I do realise that if I am feeling this way, nowhere in the world would be safe from my unliking. Anywhere in the world would be a terrible place for me to be! Anywhere in the world would be the wrong village, the wrong city or the wrong neighboorhood. The people would always be the wrong people. I would be unhappy and unsatisfied with everything, including my self, no matter wherever I was and whoever would be with me. I need to relax, I need to heal the wounds within me and only then I am "available" to decide if I want to move somwhere else or if I want to simply stay here!
It's not the time to think wherever I would like to be at this time of my life. I haven't worked to achieve such goals. I am not where I dreamed to be at the age of 25. I a…


Yes, it's true!! I no longer wear black clothes or boots! I no longer wear the goth or metal head dude! I don't wear that black make-up, that you got used to see me! But is that a reason for you not to talk to me and not even look at my face? Is that a reason for you to simply turn your eyes aside, so you can pretend you haven't seen me? You're not a friend of mine. I am not a friend of yours and possibly I shouldn't be wasting these precious minutes typing about you. Possibly, you don't even mention me as an acquaintance! But still I make a sign to you, with my head, as if you weren't ignoring me! Stupid girl! Stupid me! Who's stupid, from the two of us? Possibly you, for your action! Possibly me for caring! Possibly both of us, for accepting this action from life, each one of us at his/her own way!
It's afternoon! It's hot! There are some dudes out there I could fuck! There's this sexy indian dude I mention quite often here, in this blog,…

That Moment...

...when you're trying to identify the source of a certain problem and then you simply realise that due to all the choices that you've made, your problem has various sources. I mean, it doesn't means that the problem has various sources, but you know that you have multiple choices, multiple possibilities of sources for your problem and then you can not uncode which one has been the real source.

That moment when you're in a cyber store, struggling to send resumes to get a job and then spend the remaining time to blog or see your social networks and nyou realise that someone in the computer by your side, is "spying" you, as if that person was simply wanting to see whatever are you doing. Or when you realise that you are spending your money in things that you need to do to improve your life, while other people are simply watching animes (like the dude by my side, right now) or they're simply watching porn (as another dude, in another day). I mean, I do enjoy t…

It's time to say goodbye... reality! It's time to say goodbye to what's been left behind! It's time to let go of those people that we weren't supposed to have! It's time to say goodbye to fantasies and illusions, to those fantasies and illusions which only purpose is to hurt ourselves! It's time to start walking in the knife's blaze, to get it done for real! It's time to open our eyes to what's real! Say, I'm saying it:

 It's pretty easier to speak out of my mouth, than to put it into the action, but I do realised that I do need to do other stuffs, than to sit back in the café, enjoying people's convos, annoying behaviours, side looks and god knows what else. Plus, the older, the less patience to stand them. The older, the less will I have to have some people around me; some of them are OK, just GREAT to have them with me, mbut most of the others... Simply time to let go of them and to get any other "behaviour" to myself!

Missing Places... Missing People...

And still goes on how I miss my little land in the middle of nowhere. It doesn't matters how old I'm getting, but seems that as the years pass by, it gets harder to say goodbye, to stop seing people for another year, to just chat with them via phonecalls or via textings. To some of them, it might be enough, but it isn't enough for me. I think of my walks in the road, to reach to any neighboor village. At night, in certain points of the road, there were no light, except for the moonlight, when it wasn't New Moon. I think now about the night I went to take my cousin at our grandparent's house, at night, as I was going to a Festa (party) with a friend and an acquaintance of him. The moonlight between the trees, lightning the dark road during the night. I couldn't see more than parts of the ground, lots of trees around me. The silver blue light of the moon, showing me branches, big trees, covering my way with the darkness... It was scary and I never thought I woul…

If My Secrets Were Revealed...

...would you still love me? Would you still be my friends? Would you still stand by my side, whenever I needed you? These answers will get without an aswer from some people. I am not affraid of being judged by you, of getting a hard look from you, I am just curious, from times to times.

I try to stop thinking, whgen that's beating me pretty hard. I try to get foccused on anything else, but, from times to times, that doesn't works by itself. Then, seems that my friend is guessing what going wrong and calls. We hit the Tequila.

Shots of Tequila... Well, surely that the problem doesn't disapears, but for a few hours I'll be just fine. And I am a bit slow typing today. Perhaps it's due to being hungover or due to the heat... Just needing to "shot" down some words... Just needing to think about my secrets. Too many and too evil...

Been chillin' out last night, after a week at home... And it felt GOOOOOD!!!! :)