Saturday, November 21, 2015

Writing, being outlaw and the witchcraft of feelings

"I dare myself to put my body on the line. My writing is where I can be most unlawful, and where I can perform countless crimes, literary and otherwise, without any real retaliation. If I am going to repress myself 24 hours a day, if I am going to smile and speak politely, not lose my temper, say please and thank you, even while being detained in a cage of micro-aggressions (at work, or even within my most intimate relationships), I simply refuse to concede any thing on the page itself. It’s mine. It’s the only thing I have, this tender sliver of a murdered tree."
~Robin Coste Lewis
Seen on Shivanee Ramlochan's Facebook wall, my dear friend from Trinidad and Tobago, posted from Almah LaVon SecretnBold.
Thank you both, for being so kind to share this amazing text and for allowing me to share it. Please, keep up the great work of sharing the feelings, self or from others, of making people like me to feel different ways of feeling, to be witnesses of different points of view, to live as if tomorrow did not matter, because we have the present time exactly for that: to feel!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Rambling and wandering

The words fail to me, from times to times. I search continuosly for the right words to write and yet it seems a hard task. I keep on trying and trying, until something pops up.
I recently bought a new notebook. I got one of those notebooks that I was seing on the post station. But they were more expensive than I could ever afford them, until the last time I needed stamps. I was prepared to spend an extra money and, finally, the colourful notebook rests untouched in front of me. I've been talking and typing about re-write by hand nine years of diary entries in old notebooks, of different sizes and shapes. Some pages have been ripped off, thrown onto the recycling bin and I've stopped myself before it was too late nothing was left from them. I will have to do a more careful selection of what to keep, of what to throw away, but that will have to be decided during the writing time. I need to start, though.
I see te world through the eyes of experience. I may not be not experienced in certain lifestyles, like some people, but my experience has offered me a very particular way of being and seing the world, even to deal with it. I see the world and the behaviour of people and what scared me yesterday is something very normal today. What was a normal thing yesterday, might be the most terrifying thing today. I see the world, I live life in a crazy way, you'd say. You call me to be more careful, to be more patience, yet you'd push me to work hard and right for whatever I wanted to achieve and to move away from whatever was that I wanted to walk away from. Some people are saying that they admire me and my way of being and seing things, particularly the world and life itself. I have no idea of what to think about this - so I live without thinking too much, loving those who I should love, despising the others and having occasional 'seasons' of wrath against the remaining few. I keep living, thnking, feeling, allowing myself to ramble and wander.

Not all who wander are lost.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Of vampires and desires - the right book for you (or as a gift)

Of darkness and dark desires. Of nocturnal creatures, of madness and erotic feasts. Threatning to bring dark creatures to their old glory, Lizbeth Gabriel brings us this book of short stories, wonderfully written, full of darkness and moments of undoubtelly good humour.
The Theater Of Dusk is the right book, if you're seraching for all of the above in a single book.

NOTE TO READERS: Independent published authors survive from reviews and often people lose nothing by reviewing the amazing works that come accross their hands. If you're a reader of this book, please care to write a review about it on the website. Thank you so much!

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Anette Olzon, "Lies" for Nightwish guys

Well, I didn't had any idea that we'd came here tonight. Neither did I expect to receive a phone call from my mum at 2 in the morning, saying that some assholes had ranged the door bell and started running up or down the stairs, causing the neighbours to call the police. Well, it had this good thing, that made me start googling about a band, about people that I've considered important in times (and they are. They still are, though on a very different level). And in this, Wikipedia is a very useful tool.
The band that I went to google / search about is this very famous band, called Nightwish. I searched about Tuomas Holopainen himself, on the top of his mastery and sexiness. Then, after already knowing that he had fired the amazing Tarja, I went to search about this sweet voiced lady, Anette Olzon, and I realized what I knew deep down on the core of my soul: Anette said that she got fired, the same way Tarja did, eventhough I don't believe it was because of Anette's pregnancy. I'd rather say that, by looking at Floor Jansen's vocal record, they were looking for that something magical that was lost when they have fired Tarja, but that is something that might never ever be found again. What is sad. Because they are a great band, she is a great singer and... come on, they were made and created together. None of them would have reached this far on their own.
So, after searching for all of this, I really had to say that despite my initial aversion to Anette, she has conquered a special place in my heart. And here she is, singing those lies for us.