Friday, August 31, 2012

Back Home...

...and I am still making the plans of what I do want to change! I don't want to make plans massively, because that will just work as an overwhelming idea, that I possibly will not manage to work them all at the same time, getting sad, disapointed and frustrated. Like it should be with everything, baby steps, until I "afford" the right to walk as a giant!!

First then anything, I need my job and when I get a job and get paid, I will have to fix my laptop and get internet. All the rest... Well, all the thinjgs I need are important. I am not working towards a simple wish of I want and I will get it!! I will work towards to get the things I need first, then I will just see what will happen. I surely will try not to make the same mistakes that I alwas did!

I want to reach the things: I need to work to get them and I will work for it, it doesn't matters how hard it'll be!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

So Trying to write something...

...although I have said I wouldn't try it today. I think and I keep thinbking on the land and on the people I have left behind, when I have returned to this wicked city.

I think now of a post of my friend E. V.. She said she would love to move to a place where there were no people, only a tiny waterfall. Despite the waterfall and mossy rocks, I do believe that she would love to have the nature all around her, including a black sky at night with millions, billions of shinning points. I do have the chance of moving somewhere like that, where the past is present in the bare fallen houses. Where the mounts and the hills still keep some parts where people used to work the fields. Where wildberries grow, due to the abandon. There's no waterfall, but that's a place in the middle of the nature and all I need is a driver's license and a car, so I can go to a city, everytime I feel the urge of seing more people, different people and more movement.

I am back to this city and my thoughts are lost up there. My thoughts are lost in desires and ideas that  I never put to practice. Until when?? I am managing a way to work towards my desires and dreams and then I can move there. Just need time... And it's all that takes: time!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

One Last Entry...

...before leaving to the North of the country, to the same house where I used to spend my vacations with my grand dad! I will spend about two weeks or two weeks and a hald there! I will spend some great days with some friends; some of them live in France; one of the girls lives in London (England). Some of them live quite close from me, but we only see each others on Summer! I am leaving the paraphernalia of the cities behind for a few days and I do have to admit that I am needing it!!

I have made some mistakes. I have abused of alcohol and hash. The car has been stolen and since it's a theft, there's cop involved. Some of the people I hang around with are not the models of virtue, which means that having the cops following us is not that good, as it would be in another times, that everything related to cops in my life would be sexual fantasies. So thank Goth that I am leaving tomorrow, for a few days. I will let the dust settle and I will see how things are at the time I return!

I do have some plans! And I have already put them to a practice... Or their beggining! So I just need to relax, pretend everything's fine, when I head up there and we'll see how are things, when I return!

See ya in less than one month!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Music Sharing And Past "Tour"

The previous post was just an idea I was having for a while by now! I have most of my CD's at my aunt's house,as when I had the laptop, all my musics was there, in mp3 format. A few days ago, I decided to get in three CD's that a high school friend of mine (back to the past, huh?) burned for me, as I asked her to do so. Those three songs were some of my favourites there! I was also mad about Outlaw Stars, so it's understandable that at least one of the songs in the soundtrack used to please me!

I do miss the times I used to arrive home and then just put my backpack down to see animes, such as Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Outlaw Stars, Lost Universe. Back to the times I used to write (or that I really tried to, instead lying to the others and to myself) my stories, most of my inspiration was from animes and other comics/cartoons. The soundtracks also used to make me dream and get some inspiration for my writings. Nowadays, I do not see animes anymore (I am watching Dragon Ball Z Kai), I do listen to those CD's when I am at my aunt's home. Ideas pop up in my mind, but I do not work on them... Does it really matters in the end? Is it worthy, anyway?

Time in the internet is over for me and for today! One last line: try not to laugh when a thug is dancing in front of the computer, almost popping his dick out, seing chicks in bikinis, on youtube's hip-hop songs! There's something that changed from the past until now: thugs increased quite a lot! Some of them, are asshole kiddos, with too much of free time!! Others... Well, it's not being racist, but due to what I have seen, it's in their genes!!

Music Sharing

When The Night Goes Longer...

... then people was expecting! And I  think I am talking by everyone inside this cafĂ©, almost at 4 a.m. Drunk and high! Perhaps we are ruining ourselves, but I do have to say that most of us are happy. If we are not, we're fighting for such thing: happiness!

It doesn't really matters how older or ruined we do look like. It doesn't matters how older we do look like! It's no longer August 1st, but I am still celebrating my birthday! I am happy! Perhaps happier than ever before!