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Over thinker

I overthink about nearly everything.
I think. And think again. And even if I don't take a single step to change, I think again. Stupid, useless and actually very sad, but I think and keep thinking and thinking again.
One of my latest and most recurrent thoughts is about this blog and it future. With this, I analyze the possibility to annihilate my Twitter and my Tumblr accounts, to start 'em over. What's the point? What's the fucking point? And still, I keep desiring such things and thinking about them. What will change with that? What will come my way by doing that, that hasn't come until now? The answer: nothing!
My life needs immediate changes and it'll only happen if I work my butt off to get all my effort paid. If not, Iit doesn't really matters how much I whine, and cry, and curse whatever is there to be cursed. Action attracts change, not being on inertia. I see time passing by. I realize how fast it's vanishing and yet I am stupidly enough to…