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Time goes by and there are wonderful things... Like this voice!! I used to be able to wear my voice like this, but then, it came tobacco!! And getting cold!! And being sixk a few times, drinking cold drinks, or eating ice-creams... I m trying to be able to do this again!! Even I am a guy, I have the right to do what I've been given the chance to!!

Melancholy & A Garden

Sometimes, when melancholy hits me, I feel tempted to listen to songs like this. And today, after have gone to Decathlon store in Sintra and after looking to the mount with the palace on the top, covered in really dark clouds, with some rain falling and strong cold wind, I felt a lil bit melancholic... I like days like this, but it always happens that some melancholy comes through me and makes me feel a lil bit with a cold "thing" in my chest.

I'm pretty way creative in days like this, I write more, I used to paint more, I sing more... And I feel more!! That's the important thing!!

And I remember qhen I visited the palace of Queluz with my teachers, yet on school time. When we came to its gardens, when I walked side by side with my teacher, my hands in my pockets and just our voices, our steps, the statues, the bushes and the sunny afternoon... I need to get some friends and go for it someday!! I really need to!!

Back To The Past

Back to the past?? Or just wandering through life's memories, to help to heal the future and the present?? Like I do with hash, or weed smoking, I try to make life's better or easier, but it's a thing of a moment!

But it's great that I've had gone to get this songs on youtube! I think of the past... I live life in a "fiesta", something like an every night's party, in café with my friends, in the streets, in my imagination. Laugh, still am the melancholic thing, but different now. I've learnt to deal with my humour changes, I've learnt not to make a drama of each and evry situation, learnt to be more patient, learnt to know that everything has a place and a time, some things can't be changed or hurried up. It's better... But I think it won't be good anytime!