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Thinking of Her

I have been reading old texts. Old photocopies I have been sent along times with the letters. Old letters I have gotten and haven't got rid off. Old eroticas that she sent me. The first lines of her blog I have read, before I have gotten any internet access, even in school (long time ago). But I notice that are missing some stuffs. One of her original eroticas. Another copy of her blog I had. I have been cleaning my room, cleaning the mess and I can not find those texts.

I have been trying old feelings! Took those feelings from old words! Took those feelings from old letters, from old magazines, from old images. I still have all of her letters, I still have almost everything she sent me, except what I previously mentioned!

I have been thinking... and I keep thinking!! In one of her old texts, she said that when the urge hits her, she used to take the mp3 and go out for a walk late in the night. At the time, it was extremely weird for me to think of her going out at 3 or 4 a.m. wi…

I See Them Keep Doing And Changing

And I never leave the same spot! I keep fighting for something I don't really know what it is, but the voices of the ones who have gone, are still shouting at me...

She made her second blog!! Yay!! I have more readings from my Greek Goddess to fill my eyes and soul with truth!! And isn't that women just perfect?? Elizabeth Vasilaki, I told you once and I am saying it again: I LOVE YOU!! Ahahah, please, do not feel scared, it's not that romantic like love, but we can love people in many different ways. We can be in love with someone in so many different ways and you're someone I am truly proud of saying so: I LOVE YOU!!

Well, then again, back to my wonderings... I just noticed that one of the three blogs I rule with this e-mail account, got 11 followers. this one should be my main blog, but... oh well, what the point of saying I have 11 followers somewhere and then saying I don't give a fuck on who reads my words and why they do read my stuffs? It's a little bit…