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Danny Barson Photography

As you people know, from times to times, I do upload a picture or two (or ten!!!) and I do add a link to a Facebook page or to a website. From times to times, I do find out a page that I like off quite much and I do a little free advertisement here.
I won't be uploading any picture today, but I am adding the link to Danny Barson's Facebook photography page and to his website (just click on the words).
Before I do close this entry, I do want to write a few words expressing my opinion about this man's work, the responsible for the pictures of my sweet British buddy, Stuart Max, whose pictures you have possibly seen on this blog. Danny Barson does some photographs of both female and mostly male models. Different models, different backgrounds and one thing in common: a very good work quality, worthing the time spent in front of a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone watching his pictures. When it comes to females, he can make them look sweet and provocative. He enhances their …


There's this penFRIEND of mine, Erin, whom I write a blog with. This is our confessional. I have shared one or another entry of this blog on my Facebook and on my Twitter, but not anymore. This place is called "Digital Confessions" and there we write stuffs that we wouldn't write anywhere else (I should keep my mouth shut off, but Twitter and Tumblr's for Porn don't count).
I am writing a few stuffs. Not exactly artistic stuffs, but it happens that I am writing some stuffs down to paper and I have written it on our "Confessional". There are stuffs that I feel that are too risky to be writing them down here or on the other blog. There are too many stuffs that I wouldn't want to risk to have some recent people in my life reading them and discovering the way they are affecting me.
This is a very simple thing. Quite simple. Quite fast. I just wanted to write something on here... I am at my aunt's and she and my mother are in a hurry. It's al…


I am insatisfied with my life and with many things that are part of it. Even people keep me insatisfied. They appear to be some nasty hypocrites. Not all of them, for sure, but there areway many people whom I wasn't expecting such behaviours from them. Let them be.
My life is stuck on self-comiseration. I don't do, I won't go for it and fight and then I weep and complain. Sad, sadistic-masochistic and idiot. I know, I know. I am writing about the same for months, but it is much easier to stay at home, in my safe little corner, than going out and face the reality, face the possibility to get a "NO" anywhere. I need to move my idiot ass, otherwise I will have my life stuck on this forever.
The same goes for relationships. Some of the people who know me are fed up with my ideas against any kind of relationship. I don't feel like being able to get attached to someone more than in a basis of friendship... it doesn't goes any further. About sex... when it come…

Chasing questions countless times

What do I have to say? What do I want to do? The whole world is too busy living their wicked and insane lives, that they don't even have time to enjoy. They do not enjoy their favorite musics, they do not enjoy the view of the night sky in the city. What do I need to do? What are the answers to countless questions that I might have and despite that, I am unable to write them down? What do I need to do to let go of these thoughts and desires? And in the end, I think it is useless to struggle with all these questions. They'll always haunt me. And I'll be chasing the dust of an a dead day forever, if I keep chasing these answers countless times.

It rains outside

It rains and I am nothing.
I am nothing but a dream... I am nothing but a shadow that no one notices about.
It rains outside and I am just that little joint of madeness. It rains and the smoke has vanished.
It rains outside and the whole world seems to burst into tears.
I am want more. I want so much more. And the more I get, the less I feel.
I need to let go of all this madness. I need to let go of such feelings. I need to vanish away...
There's nothing left that I could get proud of. There's nothing that I have really done, something that could leave my mark there. There's nothing valuable enough... it'll all vanish... and die...
Sun shine, little lie,
the branches of the trees dancing with the wind,
the lies vanishing in the laughs of the city
and may the sin be what keeps us comforted
and may it keep us satisfied
and never, ever guilty!