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A few minutes ago, I was reading the blog of my good friend indigojester ( and I decided to read some comments left to her blog, trying to find some of my own comments and then I just found out one comment of another good friend of indigojester, Carrie. She talked about changings that happened in her life and she thanked to our good friend. I have had some changings in my life and many of them I can thank to that good friend of ours too. I could see she was in a whirlwind in her life in the last few months. I could realise for her friend's blog itwas thanks to a guy in her life and I really hope my good friend can be happy, because she deserves it all... E., you deserve to be happy so much more than many other people around this world. Anyway, I remembered that I have other good friends which also helps me a lot and one of those is Teresa. She's a good girl, but lately I could see some things I didn't knew on Teresa and I always thought t…

Rising up again

I am coming up again... I have been down for a while. Away while I was working in that restaurant I mentioned so many times, because of my lack of time, my lack of willing to write or my lack of anything else. Now, I am unemployed once again, but for my soul, it's OK in a certain measure, because I am feeling in the right moods to write my poems, to try to write them in English, to paint again, to go on rewriting my stories, to singing again. Like a phoenix, I am rising from my ashes, from what was left of my soul and I will use it for painting... In the mood I was feeling in the last few days, I could write about sadness, emptiness, killing someone and drag his body on the mud... Painting, writing pages and pages on it, but my soul is peaceful now. Peaceful in a way I can call it peaceful... For some people if they saw my soul, they would see that my castle is still burning, that the war is just finishing, but I know this is an endless war... just like the phoenix, I am rising fr…