Wednesday, May 18, 2011

After a long while without typing anything down, wether in English or Portuguese, here I am! once again, when the frost of restarting writing is broken, it almost always has to do with musics! Musics I used to listen a lot and that used to make me travel around the globe and around all the dimensions! I still dream of fairies, vampires, middle ages and some stuffs that for others are just that: dreams! Fantasies! They're out there! They're for real!! Maybe not in this same plan of dimension we live at, but in an alternative one!! Maybe we're all Gods and all our dreams, all of our fantasies are just real worlds in another dimensions or points of Universe!

Such as all of this... Someone whisper on my almost deaf ear! It don't need my ears, sane or deafs, to listen to their voices!! I feel them calling me all the time!! The elves!! The faeries!! Warriors of the darkness, as well, at the candle light in their tents!! Gladiators in their cages, with the sexiness of their msucular bodies, inviting me to a night of lust!! The power of the magic in my hands!! The power of changing the world!! The power of making possible to do the others dream again!! The power of space ships crossing the sky, like airplanes do!! The power of making all my fantasies gain a body!!

My idea to return to blogging, was to start typing some stories!! Some fantasies!! Let's see if that works out!! Let's see if my old fictions / novels retsart here!! Let's see if my voices within gain their so desired body, free of mine!!

Goodnight... I am going to sleep... And the voice of the goddess shuts in silence and only the song of silence floats in the air, like the drunkness of strong, yet sweet perfume!!