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Silence (without words to say or to write)

All hail.
All hail the world. All hail the waves of the Ocean. All hail the countless stars in the night sky (including those who are dead already and whose light we still see). All hail the Winter breeze and the Summer heat. All hail the wind. All hail the thunder.
Pass by me. Pass by me as I close my eyes. Pass by me, as we notice each others' presence, but I still fade my mind away. Pass by me, a spectrum of another world. Passing ghosts, weeping prayers in the city's air.
I see you all. All of you are seing me. I fly onto another world and I live on a dream land.
No words. No words to be said.
All hail the silence.

You are what you do of yourself

There isn't much I want to write about. The last times have been critical with the lack of ideas andit is hell even to write a simple letter. I can not write. I am going mad.
I came home from work about one hour ago - I am working in a cafe where I have been a costumer for years and where so much life has been lived (a few comments on an old video on Facebook have made some bittersweet memories pop out). The work has been kind of tedious tonight, but it has been cool. It is always cool, even when it's not. In the end, staying pissed off at situations that I cannot control, staying pissed off at people that are merely my cpstumers is worthless. My time, my patience and mental sanity are way more precious than all of those people and moments.
I am smoking a cigarette, sitting on my large sofa, while the tv passes a supposed horror movie. The muted tv keeps me company and that's it - instead, I could be at the window, feeling the wind on my face, as the smoke vanished in the …