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What's wrong?

There's something going wrong in the last two days. I've been feeling so well, that it's almost like I could never be sad, or like if I've never been sad before. I am so nice, that I am even afraid of what may come next. Anyway, in the last few days, I've been so well, that the sun shines like it have never shun for me in the last few years. Today, in the train on way home, after work, I was listening to a song of Mariza, called "Morada Aberta". It was nice to see the view out of the window, the sun in the horizon. It was really nice! I loved this feeling, in the last few days!! And I will make it last as much as I can! Anyway, I am still anxious about my loneliness. Sometimes, it's like it was a sure for me, something I am sure I wish for my life, but in the other hand, I still have my lonely hours, when I do wish someone to calm me down, to make me feel comfortable, someone to make me smile... I still have humour oscilations as well, I feel sad, happy,…

There's A Voice...

Who makes me drea since I am a little child. A voice who shows so much of my soul sice I am a little child.

I do listen to this woman since I am a small kid, I am almost turning 22 and I still love to listen to her. She still chills my bones out in long nights of loneliness. She stills reminds me of my Death's desire. She makes me wish to honour her name wherever I do go. I show her voice to anyone who tell me he/she doesn't knows her.

And Since we al need smile, I have chosen one picture of her with a sweet smile. She deserves it. She deserves that, sometimes, my blog is not for my own sadness, for my own melancholy, but for the way I miss her, as she diedalmost 10 years ago. My love, my passion, my obsession.

I still sin her songs... I still feel her voice passing my ears and going to my chest, making me trembling... I still feel her breath, when I watch videos of her live in any part of the World.

I still desire of listening her voice live...

I still expect of a new album or o…


"Enchantment" by Chris Spheeris, is such a great sound to fulfill my ears... A quiet, relaxful and peaceful music. Sometimes it looks like a march. A victorious march. In other situations, it takes me to anciet times and ancient lands, of great muscular men dressed in white, playing their harps and their flues, while sheeps walk freely in the country. An ancient Greece, with white gorgeous buildings around, fountains with splendid bue, clean and brilliant water flowing free to mazing rivers. This soft song, causes in me this wonderfu feeling andmaes my maginaion flowing free around. I ask why do lie doesn't makes me feel the same stuffs, why do peopleand thesimple idea of a human touch in my back akes me feelso disgusted.

Anyway, "Enchantment" is such a wonderful word for tonight... Maybe not for tomorrow, but for tonight, it certainly is!

Thank for reading. Goodnight!