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Lying Between the crowd

And here I go again! Here I am again, in the spot of hunters! Here I lie again, I see beneath the surface of things, I feel the lie hiding behind each and every person! I see the sadness in the smiles! I see the whores behind the modest ones!
I am wanting to feel bodies... naked bodies against mine! I am wanting to feel mouths, lips... lips burning against mine! And that military dude texting me since yesterday, in silence now... I want to feel him inside me! I want to feel everyone making me feel the orgasm of being alive and of feeling so much the desire, but I want no one to trap me in a relationship. It's hard, sometimes, to handle all the bad things on my own. But the freedom that I have, to fuck with whoever Î want due to this...
"I want to be a hunter again"

Alter Egos

Never in my life they've been so needed. Today and mostly since last night, I am needing to wear someone else's identity and escape from this place. I need to be the man in the beach, walking alone and singing, while hoping for the coming good hours! I need to be a porn model/actor, no matter how injuried my body is! I need to be the mad artist that I once was, but without any kind of regrets or doubts! I need to be the dude who accepted who he was so well, that even his voice seemed a very well played melody!!

I am now looking for an alter egos for a new twitter account. I will post pictures of my self naked, perhaps I will upload any other kind of kinky images. On my regular facerbook and twitter accounts, I can not call that kind of attention, otherwise I will have my friends noticing what's going on. Then again, I don't want the wrong kind of attention of my family over me. I want to have fun, to enjoy myself, without being scared and worried all the time!

Here I go,…