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It has been a while

I have had somewhat of a block that has been stopping me from posting any lines - I feel like I can not write anything else than a simple letter. And even to write letters, I am putting huge efforts on it. I am sitting on a nearly empty cyber-shop. I am listening to some music and enjoying my moment. I am checking my Twitter, trying to decide what (not) to do. I am trying to write, but I interrupt my writing to see anything else quite often - it's OK. It's always OK to get whatever I am doing interrupted. It has been a while and some stuffs have been changing. I am opening myself to some new possibilities. And due to such "possibilities", I am interrupting myself again - for moments, I have forgoten that i should send a text message, instead of doing anything online. But it's OK. It's always OK. There isn't much to be said. In fact, I wonder if I have evber had anything to say at all. I'm fine. But being fine isn't enough. Nothing seems to be eno…