Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Danny Barson Photography

As you people know, from times to times, I do upload a picture or two (or ten!!!) and I do add a link to a Facebook page or to a website. From times to times, I do find out a page that I like off quite much and I do a little free advertisement here.
I won't be uploading any picture today, but I am adding the link to Danny Barson's Facebook photography page and to his website (just click on the words).
Before I do close this entry, I do want to write a few words expressing my opinion about this man's work, the responsible for the pictures of my sweet British buddy, Stuart Max, whose pictures you have possibly seen on this blog. Danny Barson does some photographs of both female and mostly male models. Different models, different backgrounds and one thing in common: a very good work quality, worthing the time spent in front of a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone watching his pictures. When it comes to females, he can make them look sweet and provocative. He enhances their natural beauty and makes us wonder... good work, man!
Now, about males (and this is quite different here). Men with their naturally arrogant looks do never lose their touch of masculinity. But manly men, with sweet soft looks can be brought down to a position of submission. They still look manly, but they seem to be submited to the lenses of Danny's camera. And that is something I do need to applaude!
* please, note that all these lines reflect my own opinion and not somebody's else. In a recent chat with Danny, he told me that if I wanted to use any of his pictures, to let him know and he would see if I could or not. Before giving that further step, I have decided to write this entry!

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