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Burning Inside...

It's the time for me to think what I really wanna do. I suffer because I can't tell by words (or in any other way) to the world the way I feel. I try to do that in my poems, but it's never enough, it's never the right words. In my paintings, it's never the right colour or trace, or shadow. I'm falling into a dark wave again.

I go deeper in me! I dig harder and deeper! Nothingness! Just silence! I speak... I shout... But no echo!! No sound!!

I feel tired, painful, every morning I wake up! May it be a vampire, once again, sucking all my energy?? May it be a werewolf atracting me, to possess my body and offer me sexual pleasure as no human being as been able to?? I see some videos on porn (I'm human, after all) of big muscular men fucking each other ass, sucking the dicks, drinking piss or sperm and I think how nice it would be to be there in the middle!! I deon't care much of what others think aboutme, I just care on me... But being me is everyday harder. A constant humour changing, a constant depressive or enthusiastic way of be, of feel!!

A couple years ago, I would be saying "I'm depressed by this, I'm depressed by that", but the worse is that I can't find out a reason to be the way I am. There's no reason for nothing going this way!!

I think I must get a guy and fuck hard! It won't solve anything, but I'll fell much better in the end! I miss having someone else's dick between my legs or in my mouth!! Pervert?? Nah, just confident about my sexuality!! Or I shall smoke soe weed or hash!! Getting real out of my mind, letting this madness go!! Anything... I just would like to stop feeling for a while!!


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A bit before the dinner, I was about typing one entry. One entry about this and that... the kind of chitchat you make with people who don't know from nowhere, but that start speaking to you in the train or in the bus stations, in the cafe or in the supermarkets.
Christmas and the whole set of celebrations with the New Year are finally over. These days have been annoying me pretty much. I have been smoking quite a lot, because of the lack of mental peace. My mind never stops working, nit even when I am almost fainting after I have smoked a few joints. When I am too highed to even understand what people are saying to me, even then I am always thinking.
Since I was a very young child that I have always had this "tendence" of over-thinking. I remember of being a 3 or 4 years old child, walking the yard of the kindergarten where I was and thinking. When it was raining and we was inside, I was in my corner drawing, although I have always had the guts of interactong with other…

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I was scrolling down Twitter yesterday afternoon, when I came across the Tweet you can see above. I went to check the trends on Twitter and there were Radiohead and Lana del Rey. I think I don't need to mention the obvious and I went to check what was all that about. While checking out this matter, I have learned that Radiohead claim that Lana has plagiarized their song "Creep". Also on that research, I have learned that Radiohead have been on court because of this same issue with this same song before, being them the ones accused of plagiarizing "The Air I Breathe" by The Hollies. On their turn, Radiohead have lost the lawsuit, had to name the authors of "The Air I Breathe" as co-authors of "Creep" and even had to pay some of the royalties of the song. OK, OK, let me do some questions: of Radiohead have been accused of plagiarism and have lost the battle, do they have the legal ground to start this war? I don't think so, neither do the…


Anxiety spread in confessions

In 2017, many things have happened:  he cafe where I worked at has been sold and I didn't got along very well with the new bosses. I kind of got fired, kind of got invited to quit, all of that through text messages. Some things with my health weren't at 100% and that made me have to take some injections and in the meantime I've made new tests and the appointment is in almost two weeks. I'm already stressed out with everything, but this is picking on my levels of stress like mad and upset bees.In the meantime, with a very bad (and I have to admit, obsessive) time with everything that went wrong and that I got to hear of what my old bosses have been saying about me, I started going to another cafe (isn't it a bit too obvious that I enjoy cafes a lot, both working in one or being a costumer?). There, I came to meet some people of which I didn't like: we've had a not so good past, for many reasons. Some apologised about the past. Others have seen set another le…