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I am writing this post for all those who will find my blogs link in any profile pages like hi5, myspace or vampirefreaks, the three social utilities that I am using at the moment. I am using hi5 only to keep a contact with some friends I met in Thessaloniki (Greece) in 2004, because it's the only way we have to keep in touch to each others. Hi5 has lost most of it's quality and it can be seen for the "flesh market" it became, of people who simply want to have another number on their profiles. I like having someone to chat to about something and anything. In myspace, I do accept most of the friend's requests I get, but I have few virtual friends in there, so it's quite easy to send a message to someone, eventhough it's just to say "hi!". Or with people who we chat with, if we live quite close, we can always ask each other for a coffee or for a walk in the city. It's always good to do something different and it heals the soul. About vampirefreaks, I logged up yesterday only so I have not much to say about it, but I am wanting to say that I love to be an active member of these kind of profile pages, visit it everyday, eventhough it's just to see who's around. I waste lots of time there, but sometimes, it worths it all.


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A bit before the dinner, I was about typing one entry. One entry about this and that... the kind of chitchat you make with people who don't know from nowhere, but that start speaking to you in the train or in the bus stations, in the cafe or in the supermarkets.
Christmas and the whole set of celebrations with the New Year are finally over. These days have been annoying me pretty much. I have been smoking quite a lot, because of the lack of mental peace. My mind never stops working, nit even when I am almost fainting after I have smoked a few joints. When I am too highed to even understand what people are saying to me, even then I am always thinking.
Since I was a very young child that I have always had this "tendence" of over-thinking. I remember of being a 3 or 4 years old child, walking the yard of the kindergarten where I was and thinking. When it was raining and we was inside, I was in my corner drawing, although I have always had the guts of interactong with other…