Saturday, August 12, 2017

I should be less of a bitch

I know, I know. I should be less of a bitchy guy, but what to do?
I know that I am using a dating app, however I have nothing there that tells I am looking for something. People are annoying in the real world and they can be more annoying in the virtual world - in the end, I just want to look at endless profiles and look at endless opportunities that I could take if I were open to that.
I am not.
People bother me even more, the more time passes by. People annoy me and my great desire to move to the countryside, where the possibility to see anyone decreases with the arrival of winter. I want to move to my grand dad's house (he passed away almost seven years ago) and live here for the rest of my life - since I was a little kid I have wanted to and the desire to do so only increases, the more life passes by and the more I deal with people.
I know that I should allow them to come close, but I even want to move to this tiny little place, far from nearly everything and everyone, as I have already mentioned, to even walk away from people I could consider of friends - and some friends have shown me that they weren't such good friends, in the past month and a half.
I know... I am aware that perhaps I shouldn't join to such apps and websites, but it's always funny to see them in pictures that only portray a little frame of their pathetic existence.
In the end, I fear I'll end up stuck in a city I hate, surrounded by people that I hate or despise, dealing with stuffs that I consider unnecessary. And sadly, some other people end up "messed up" with the mess of others.
I know. I should be less of a bitch. But hey!, it's only me being myself. I cannot change that, as I don't want to change that and I will not apologise for being myself.

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