Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fetlife - wasting my time

It's night. I came from work not too long ago.
Sitting in the old couch of my old living / dining room, I have decided to check out my profile on that website. That is a good website to get some good eye candy, but for rare occasions to have good and decent conversations. It is kind of problematic to me, to get some good comversations with people.
From times to times, I text a message for a text service of chat. I leave my number there, in the hope someone comes along with a good conversation. I end up sex-ting. Rare are the men who come up with any other good conversation, without involving sexual traits. And those who do, always want to meet up, get boyfriends and the whole stack of ideas you might getting in your heads.
That website serves the nice purpose to see handsome men (I am not really into looking at the ladies, boobs and the rest of their bits). It also serves the purpose of getting to know different fetishes, people into them. And that is how I have been delighting my eyes, my mind. Wasting time looking at handsome and well built men.

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