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I stand still

My mind was running crazy, while I was in the shower. Perhaps, not crazy in the sense people who know me could think, but still...
My mind and my soul are full of wonders. Longings, desires, incomplete phrases. The same way that our souls are shaped with everything we get throughout our living time, the same way our soul gets the tombs of those corpses we get throughout our very same existence, the same way we choose to carry such wounds, my mind got filled with wonders and wonderful treasures, feeding and keeping a huge empire. Through the times of my life, some tried to steal my treasures, some.others tried to destroy my empire... but I stand still.


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Never enough

I have been searching for something. I am always searching for something, I am always looking for something, eventhough it seems I am never able to find what I am looking for. It doesn't matters!
It has been a while since I have written anything here. And eventhough I am trying to put some lines on here, I am still not sure of what I want to write about. I have started a new blog, last year, that has been deleted and restarted. Doesn't it sounds crazy? It's there and I try to write something daily and I never cease to amaze myself on the amount of shit I write. And yes, it is literal shit, although the users of the same platform say that they love my writings, that they can feel what I feel, that they can feel their own life and their own thoughts in my words. However, it's not enough. It' never enough.

I can't stop thinking about that time that I have decided to edit my diaries - they have had too many pages and lines and thoughts thrown to the garbage. There…

I gotta keep it up more to myself

I shall not write too much.
I shall not speak too much.
I shall not pass too much info to whoever reads or listens to me.
I shall not let my emotions drive my use of words.
I shall not remember white spaces with wet grey floor and strong smell to piss. Or a small building, nearly destroyed, where things happened on a daily basis, that you'd expect them to happen only in movies.
I have to sleep.
I have to log off the Internet, turn off my phone and avoid his phone calls.
I have to exit the streets during the weekend.
He's no boogie man, rather an annoying carnivorous trying to get his meat, decided to take even by force.
I have to sleep.
Good night (I'm sorry for the inconvenience and any possible lack of sense in this text)

The Theater Of Dusk

Let me take this to a whole new level. I need it. You need it. "We all scream, ICE CREAM!"Oh, no. Wrong "singing"!Glue your hair. Grab firmly to something.
Close your eyes. Or look around.
Do you like the darkness within? Do you kiss it softly, with glimpses of a glimpse? Do you crave for the questions over your soul and existence itself? Do you ever speak to the night and you feel like you're being answered? Well, maybe you are! "The Theater Of Dusk" contains 13 short stories (I think some experts would call it "tales"), that'll leave you chasing something to the darkness. Now it's up to you, to unveil it or not. Are you brave enough? Lizbeth Gabriel Facebook page
Lizbeth Gabriel blog
Lizbeth Gabriel Twitter Any of those links will aid you to find more information about the author herself and even the book. Check out the author, check her work and remember to drop a rating and a review of the book.
Independent authors survive of w…