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Bye bye Instagram (Facebook should've gone too)

In the last few days, I have decided to permanently delete both my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I tweeted my friend Elizabeth, telling her not to worry if she didn't see me online, because of what I've previously mentioned. Her "Oh. Why?" was enough to bring me back to Facebook (once you decide to delete Instagram, instead of suspending it, it's gone forever.)
I feel I'm going crazy: too much free time and too much Internet can have this effect on people. Believe me.
It's late in the night and I should be sleeping, instead of sitting in the bed and smoking cigarettes. I should be sleeping, instead of reading articles online, about Brexit, new political parties in my country and the latest insanity on the news. I should be sleeping instead. But here I am, typing this entry, full of non sense, explaining myself to no one in particular but me. 
On a brighter note, I have gone with two friends of mine to a beer brewery in Lisbon. I don't drink beer, but I've started tasting the brewed beers in their factories / bars and even my friend's beers. It's also been nice to go out of this wicked city, even if just for a few hours; it's been nice to look at different people and different faces. On the car ride to there, I usually stick my face on the phone or I look out of the window, as I see the passing cars and the buildings that we pass by.
I came here to type about Facebook and my lost Instagram account, yet it has gone through other trails. I can't help it, but let those thoughts flow and see life passing by. I cannot help it, but see others falling in love, trying over and over on relationships that fail or, against all odds, work perfectly fine, giving them the sense of security and a meaning to their life. I don't evy them, yet I feel sad of this feeling that life isn't much more than this: a never ending tale of sadness and disappointment, cigarettes burning and the turning of season after season.


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